Mar 7 Workout Challenge of the Day

FOR ADDED CALORIE BURN: challenge yourself with a longer workout at a steady pace after your upper body routine below is complete.  Try out one of these 45-minute workouts- treadmill “hike” at 3.0MPH or faster and an incline of 6 or more, Elliptical push at 10(+) resistance, or a stair climb of Level 7(+).  We know you can do it!  Get sweaty- let’s GET IT IN!

WCOD: this is a leg day- so get ready to get those gams in gear!

LOCATION: In the Gym or At Home

NOTE: check out the “for added difficulty” notes for how to add equipment to these body-weight moves

WHAT YOU MAY NEED: You may want to have a medicine ball, a set of dumbbells, a mat, and a stopwatch on you, but they are not necessary

Here is your printable version!

WARM-UP: Perform 1 minute of each of the following moves

  1. 180-Degree Plyometric Jumps: Start in a deep squat, weight in your heels, keeping your chest up; launch yourself up and 180-degrees in the other direction, landing in a deep squat.
  2. Medicine Ball Toe Taps: With a BOSU or Medicine Ball in front of you, lightly tap the top/center of it with your toes- alternating legs as fast as you can.
  3. Burpees: Start in push up position, jump your feet toward your chest, stand up, jump into the air with arms overhead, then bring hands back to the floor and into push up position, kicking the feet back.  Repeat.
  4. Squat Jumps: Squat with your feet shoulder-width apart and feet forward, jump up and land softly back into a squat. Repeat.
  5. High Knees: Run in place, pulling your knees up high towards your chest using your core and arms.

WORKOUT: Perform 3 sets of each of the following

  • 12 Triple Threat Squat: Start standing up straight in a neutral position.  Squat down and hold for 3 seconds, then pulse 3 times, and lastly, launch yourself into a squat jump.  Repeat. *For added difficulty…hold dumbbells or a medicine ball
  • 8 rotations/side of Lunge Sequence: Perform a forward lunge, side lunge, and backward lunge on one side and then repeat on the other.  *For added difficulty…hold dumbbells or a medicine ball
  • 20 Wood Choppers: Standing with feet shoulder-width apart and feet slightly pigeon-toed and holding a medicine ball between your legs  with straight arms (or just your hands if you do not have one)-jump up straight bringing your legs together and the medicine ball overhead with straight arms. Repeat.
  • 1 Minute of Walking Lunges: Perform alternating forward lunges whilst walking. *For added difficulty…hold dumbbells or a medicine ball
  • 3 rounds of Side Shuffles with Taps: Get into a low squat, arms in front of you and chest up, laterally shuffle to one side for 10 counts.  Staying low, tap one foot out to the right 20 times, then repeat taps on the left.  Continue to stay low and shuffle back 10 counts and repeat the taps one more time.  *For added difficulty…hold dumbbells or a medicine ball
  • 25/side of Single-Leg Hip Raises: Lying on your back, arms at your sides with palms down, keep one leg bent on the ground and the other goes straight up in the air.  Bridge your body up, keeping your back straight, and pulse the leg up in the air digging your opposite heel into the floor for support.  Repeat.
  • 30 Side Leg Raises: Lying on your side with your elbow below your shoulder on a mat, feet stacked and spine straight; raise your top leg up into the air and drop it back down without touching your bottom foot.  Repeat on both sides. *For added difficulty…add an ankle weight or put a circular resistance band around your ankles



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