It’s Cardio Circuit Time with APL


APL Weekly Healthy Living Schedule: April 21st


The goal of the weekly schedule is to keep you on-task and living healthy the APL way.  We will post post workouts and meal recommendations along with your simple task chart as seen below.  Note that within the task chart in the pink box is our featured blog posts to assist your wellness throughout the […]

Let’s Do Legs!


Tax Day Lemon-Basil Tini’


We thought you might need a cocktail, albeit maybe a pretty stiff one, after doing your taxes!  Let’s celebrate Tax Day with a healthier APL Cocktail: Lemon-Basil Tax Day Tini’!  Enjoy! Print Tax Day Lemon-Basil Tini’ Ingredients4 Fresh Basil Leaves 1 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice (Meyer lemons taste the best) 1 1/2 tsp Agave Nectar […]

Your #MotivationMonday Workout is In!


Leap Frog Jumps: With wide legs (about 3 feet apart) Jump up, reaching your hands in the air, then when you come back down into a deep squat, touch your fingertips to the ground between your legs.  These can be done in place or on the move across a room! Speed Skaters: Get into a […]

Transitioning to Organic Cosmetics


  The Real Deal: going nearly 100% chemical-free: I have worked arduously over the last 9 years to make my life nearly 100 percent organic and chemical-free. Yep, I said nine years. I have probably read somewhere near 1,500 articles related to what I call clean living, books galore, and chatted up numerous organic gurus nationwide. […]

APL Pregnancy: Quelling the Cravings & Giving In to Your Body

WARNING: this may be the longest blog I have ever written. My apologies, but I am fitting in an entire 3 months of advice into a single post…Enjoy! Living healthy is incredibly important, if not more important, when you are pregnant.  Unfortunately, it is also sometimes the most difficult time to be stress-free, sleep well, […]